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Our strategy

Our main mission and core business is to provide access to energy for more people; to open the world of energy to new technologies; to open new ways for people to manage energy; and new ways to store energy. These are ambitious goals and we pursue them with the passion of people who want to change the world. Our philosophy could be summed up in one sentence : Local resources for local energy and clean mobility.

In order to respond to our philosophy, we work day by day to perfect our different solutions. As an engineering company and supplier of key technologies, we focus every day on the best solution for our customers’ challenges. Whether it is the best technical solution or the best economical solution.

Anthos Air Power Normandie ‘s mission is to develop products and solutions that will change the way we consume and produce energy.

The storage of electricity is and will be one of the major stakes of the energy of the 21st century. The increase in performance and the lowering of the costs of photovoltaic energy makes it the most natural source of energy of the future, but without the ability to store this intermittent energy it is not possible to exploit the potential.

Anthos Air Power Normandie, thanks to the Air Power technology, has undertaken the development of generators and storage units using compressed air to replace diesel generators and batteries with a major impact on the environment.

A revolutionary solution, simple, economical and effective.

Bringing together the patents and know-how of shareholding companies, it brings together knowledge from France, Italy, Canada and Switzerland.

Before the end of 2018, anthers Air Power Normandie will be able to present the first results of its work.

The main markets of Anthos Air Power are:

The transport market
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Service vehicles
  • Bus, Minibus, Shuttles
  • Taxis
  • Charging stations
  • Standalone Stations (Solar, Wind, Mini Hydro, Waste, Geothermal)
The Off Grid Market
  • Smart city
  • Eco-neighborhood
  • Smart village
  • Islands
  • Boats
The network market
  • Network balancing
  • Trading
  • System> 1MWh
  • Several MWh storage
The emergency generators market
  • Safety, generator sets
  • Hospitals, Cinema, Hotels, Industries
The photovoltaic market

With products incorporating Solarstyl photovoltaic technologies

  • Photovoltaic shadehouses
  • Photovoltaic shadehouses integrating charging stations of electric and compressed air cars
The cold production market
  • The compressed air engine generates cold due to a rapid compression and expansion cycle imposed on compressed air.
  • This cold is very intense and can reach -60 ° C, even in very high temperature zones such as in Africa.

Compressed air, diesel replacement product and storage solution for renewable energies:

Compressed air brings a new source of energy to the engine that replaces fuels, but the technology of the AirPower engine allows the transformation of existing engines and consider the gradual modification of products of major manufacturers or the design of a new engine designed entirely around the compressed air.

The AirPower generators will therefore compete with some current producers, but many collaborations and partnerships are also possible.

The main renewable energies, solar and wind, are intermittent, vary according to the seasons and are rarely in line with demand. The storage of this energy is therefore one of the most important technical questions for their development. To date the only viable solution has been the batteries. Despite all the progress made over the last two decades, they remain expensive, have a life span of 2,000 or 5,000 charge and discharge cycles are a major difficulty in end-of-life recycling.

Compressed air is therefore a competitive solution to batteries, economical, clean, unlimited charge and discharge cycle, technologically simple, it is very attractive for remote sites of power networks that seek to build a reliable energy solution and long term.

Innovative Photovoltaic integration

ANTHOS AIR POWER has an innovative photovoltaic technology and, starting in autumn 2018, will produce photovoltaic parking shades with the option of charging electric and compressed air vehicles.


To accelerate the penetration of these markets Anthos will initiate and develop projects using its technologies with client-partners.

The main development territories are France, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Anthos has also initiated projects in islands that will highlight its concepts of energy autonomy.

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The technical integration of several eco-sustainable products and technologies