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Project to develop and deploy a concept of "cœur de village" producing energy and cold from photovoltaic energy.

Cœur de Village project aims to implement in Mali a concept to provide a village with the energy needed for lighting, services (clinic, study room, etc.) and cold cells for conservation food and medicine. In coastal villages it will also be able to provide drinking water from desalination.

These units will be designed to be environmentally friendly and easy to install and maintain.

Project display

The rural world represents 60% of the Malian population, yet most of the production activities are concentrated in urban areas.

Rural areas thus suffer from a chronic underemployment level fueling the rural exodus.

The lack of prospects is also accentuated by a spatial planning policy, concentrating the bulk of public investment and basic infrastructure in urban areas.

The potential of rural areas is important and crucial for the country’s economy.

The rural world is at the heart of our economic and social strategy, in particular, by facilitating the conservation of agricultural products, and the establishment of robust and non-renewable electricity generation and storage systems. pollutants, the project promotes local agricultural development, allowing villagers to maintain their production through new types of cooling systems.

Beyond the essential contribution of energy in all even the most remote villages, the project will create jobs in new technologies and commercialize the concept outside Mali.

Anxious to participate in the development of Mali, Sahelian Global Recycling (SGR), aims to initiate projects to achieve sustainable villages in Mali

The promoters of the project are:

  • Nana K. Sissoko Caravello, Malian entrepreneur, Sahelian Global Recycling (SGR), with training as a programmer analyst and accounting manager.
  • Idrissa Sangare, Malian entrepreneur, graduate in public administration and development, and specialist in management of medium-sized towns. Also Deputy Mayor of Kita, in charge of the Environment from 1998 to 2004.
  • Alou Badra Dirarra, Malian Engineer, State Engineer in Electronics Engineering from the University of Boumerdès and Penn State University State College (USA), specialist in photovoltaics. They are supported in their development by French and Italian companies that have developed and patented innovative technologies in the field of renewable energies.

They are supported in their development by French and Italian companies that have developed and patented innovative technologies in the field of renewable energies.

The 3 main partners are :

Pierre Villeneuve, President of Anthos Air Power Normandy and Air Power France, a company developing Air Power technologies for the storage of electricity in compressed air.

Christine Archambault, ANTHOS SOLAR company, licensee of photovoltaic construction technology and above ground agriculture system. Ms. Archambault is also the president of the FFNE (French Fund for Nature and the Environment).

Jean Pierre Reyal, from SemperStyl Technologies, designer of new installation systems for photovoltaic modules and aboveground cultivation.

The project will be in several phases:

  • Concept development and confirmation of the choice of components.
  • Choice of manufacturers for the execution of the project.
  • Realization of two first villages to allow to have a feedback of quality.
  • Realization of three concessions.

In view of the results obtained: deployment in the territory.

Three villages have already applied to be the first pilot villages and a hundred villages could be quickly equipped after the industrialization of the components.

Subsequent projects may include waste recovery and drinking water production.

“Ten projects of autonomous villages will be developed in places where local authorities are fully involved to create a new mode of development of remote places.

We propose with R20 to create a specific investment fund and to allow the development of the concept. A phase will analyze and make the projects financeable, able to measure them, manage them and easily reproduce them.

In any geographical area, the concept will allow the establishment of a clean, non-carbon village and a circular economy. “

* (Region 20 – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s NGO)

The stages of the project

Creation, or modifications, of the heart of the village.

These will be welcoming buildings :

  • a covered market
  • a cell building
  • a clinic
  • a study room

When the village needs lighting the air is relaxed thanks to the Air Power technology and feeds the LED lighting of the village streets, the dispensary and the study room.


The structures

The structures will be covered with photovoltaic modules.

Cold cells

At the same time, the Air Power generator supplies the cold cells and the dispensary with cold air.

Using stored compressed air, the Air Power Generator provides electricity and supplies cooling cells with cold air.



Photovoltaic modules

The photovoltaic modules provide the energy needed by buildings and supply a compressor that fills cylinders with compressed air.



The concessions (farms) which usually shelter at least twenty people, will be equipped with photovoltaic kit from 2 to 6kW to ensure their power supply, storage by compressed air and production of cold.

As a first step, given the innovative nature of the Air Power France product, the concessions will be equipped with secure battery storage.

Recommended Technologies

The system for photovoltaic installation was developed in France within the ArcelorMittal Group. It allows a quick and easy installation. Few components. Assembly in 3 steps. The rails arrive pre-assembled.

This robust and lightweight system can be easily protected against theft.

This patented system has a name : SolarStyl

It is proposed that energy storage move towards compressed air storage.


Design of the electricity generation system.

Energy storage in compressed air is a known technique. The main problem lies in the return of the stored energy.

In our proposal, the return of energy is done using a compressed air engine whose design is particularly innovative.

Indeed, the technology used by Anthos Air Power makes it easy to convert any gasoline or diesel engine into a compressed air engine.

This technology is easy to implement and easy to use.

Mechanics can easily be trained locally for the installation of these systems.

Cold generation

The compressed air motor generates cold due to a rapid compression and expansion cycle imposed on the compressed air.

This cold is very intense and can reach -60 ° C, including in very high temperature zone such as in Africa.

The earthen frame

For reasons of energy saving, these systems must be installed in well-designed buildings. Outside, the buildings in concrete blocks have poor thermal performance.

The proposal is made to couple this project to a project to rehabilitate the earthen structure. It is indeed paradoxical that this technology, mastered in Africa, falls into disuse even as the most beautiful and oldest French houses are built in earth (adobe, adobe, compressed earth).

To do this we will associate the project with the University of Grenoble, specialized in the rehabilitation of earthen constructions.

Zero emission, is the goal of Smart City!