MobilityThe AIR POWER compressed air engine

The AirPower system has the advantage of adapting to existing engines.

Designed in Italy, the AIR POWER compressed air engine offers a reliable and environmentally friendly innovation, the first high-performance compressed air propulsion technology.

ANTHOS AIR POWER and SET ÉNERGIES produce a modification kit and convert existing vehicles, vans, utility vehicles, trucks, etc., into green vehicles powered by compressed air.

without polluting

Fighting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from transportation means replacing fuels. The only effective alternative is electrification, which imposes the use of batteries, which have been in development for more than a century and remain a technology that is burdensome in terms of cost, constraints and environmental impact. Compressed air makes it possible to recover existing engines, uses simple technological solutions, has little environmental impact, air tanks allow an unlimited number of charge and discharge cycles, GHGs are eliminated more than 95% .

  • air, a non-polluting fuel
  • no harmful emissions of hydrocarbons, smoke or particles
  • CO2 balance from well to zero wheel
  • Pollution control feature: During a cycle, the vehicle sucks and filters the ambient air four times
  • contribution to the environmental clean-up: the air expelled during the expansion phase is purer than the expired ambient air
  • cleaner than the electric vehicle
  • trucks and pickups that move only through the air
  • generators that work with compressed air to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy


Low cost technology

  • consumption: an infinite supply source, air is cheaper than gasoline and diesel because it is abundant, accessible, catchable, compressible, transportable and storable
  • manufacturing: requires fewer components than a heat engine or electric motor
  • mounting: easier to mount than a heat engine, electric or hybrid
  • maintenance: reliable and robust thus reduced risks of breakdowns, cold operation which requires less maintenance than a traditional combustion engine, engine which does not undergo the effect of corrosion of hot batteries, reservoir with lifetime longer than batteries that degrade as the number of charges increases


AIR POWER develops transformation kits for public urban buses: it will be possible, at a very competitive cost, to completely modernize the existing fleet of vehicles in a city, which will have a positive effect on the economic management of municipalities and their cash flow on the one hand thanks to the electric stations producing energy through renewable sources and on the other hand thanks to the decrease of the current operating costs. This has a positive effect on health and the environment since the means of locomotion are zero emission or better yet purify the atmospheric air we breathe: a bus can purify the air for 500 people.

AIR POWER is also developing a conversion kit for vehicles carrying goods, trucks, commercial vehicles, taxis and boats.

It will also be possible to develop conversion kits for freight vehicles. It can be applied to the tank for compressed air as well as to the turbo generator to supply auxiliary services; We can transform them into negative emission vehicles: We have calculated that 4000 commercial vehicles can purify the air that a million people breathe.

Anthos Air Power’s mission is, initially, to offer professionals using internal combustion vehicles to transform them to replace fuel with compressed air in order to completely eliminate GHG emissions, electrify transportation and allow them significant savings in their operating costs.

In a second time, Anthos Air Power will work to promote the use of compressed air in all forms of transport.

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