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The SolarStyl system was developed as part of a project run by a subsidiary of the Aperam group, with the aim of creating a photovoltaic module installation system that guarantees the safety of people and property.

A installation system for facade and roof

This system is patented. The inventors are SemperStyl Technologies, the architectural firm Solarte and the company Multi Contact, the world leader in photovoltaic connections and a subsidiary of Staübli.

At the conference held in Beijing, the International Stainless Steel Forum awarded the first prize for sustainable development to Aperam for its SolarStyl process that promotes the use of photovoltaics and contributes to sustainable development.

  • A patented system:

    Developed for the integration of photovoltaic modules on the roof or facade of buildings, the SolarStyl system can be used for the installation of stone claddings, canopies, individual heating systems, roof windows and green facades both in inside and outside. Made by folding thin sheets of stainless steel, SolarStyl is simple to install, lightweight and robust, able to withstand high climatic loads in pressure and depression.

  • A simple and robust system:

    A simple and robust flatness correction system allows the system to be installed on large roofs and remains watertight on slopes of 7 ° to 90 °.Installed in double skin or in integration, in facade or roof of the buildings, the products developed under the SolarStyl label contribute to the energy performance, by improving the thermal of the building, stake of the regulations RT 2012 and RT 2020.

  • SolarStyl is a BIPV system:

    SolarStyl is an innovative and patented BIPV system, whose structure is made of rails, frames and integrated connectors, suitable for any type of photovoltaic modules for a simple, reliable and secure integration on all types of roofs and facades.

    BIPV = Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic

Performance, Economical
and Esthetic

Combining exceptional mechanical performance, simple installation of photovoltaic modules and safety of installed systems, SolarStyl offers an excellent quality / price ratio.

Whatever the type of building, SolarStyl improves esthetical appearance The structure is particularly well suited for the renovation of roofs in classified sites.

The different types of modules can be associated on the same surface while keeping continuity in connectivity and esthetics.

The product consists of a set of rails and sleepers, lightweight and rigid, easy to install. Particular attention has been paid to the safety of property and people. SolarStyl is a “plug & play” system, it is equipped with a
automatic equipotential connection.


Some numbers :

  • Metallic mass and photovoltaic modules: 13kg/m²;
  • Peak power of the modules: 150 to 200 W/m²;
  • Mechanical resistance, vacuum failure test: 470 kg/m² (4600 Pa), air flow >250 km/h, No plastic deformation of the system;
  • Can support 600 kg/m² in pressure or depression;
  • Tightness tested for pressure 2400 Pa, air flow 225 km/h, water flow 3 L/min /m², and no leakage found on the underside;
  • Tests carried out by the CEBTP.
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